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Author: Robert Mrazek

Review by: Penny, Shawano City-County Library

Vikings, Norse mythology and world domination come together in this suspenseful novel.  This first novel in a new series was fast paced.  The characters were compelling and interesting.  But the storyline really intrigued me -- Archaelogy under the Greenland icecap. The twists and turns on Vikings, secret religions, and conspiracies...

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The Lost City of Z

Author: David Grann

Review by: dianevantassel, Appleton Public Library

The author, fascinated with Colonel Percy Fawcett, a British explorer obsessed with finding a lost civilization in the Amazon forest, sets off on his own quest to solve the mystery of the explorer who never returned. The book gives a detailed account of Fawcett's life up until his disappearance on his last trip into the Brazilian wild, as well as the stories of other explorers who tried to solve the mystery of what...

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The Clockwork Universe

Author: Edward Dolnick

Review by: dianevantassel, Appleton Public Library

Those interested in the history of scientific discovery and the great men competing to prove their theories of the workings of the universe will enjoy this book. It highlights the 17th century, when The Royal Society of London brought many great thinkers together to explore, experiment, and present their findings. As much quackery and hocus pocus as sciene, the society nonetheless promoted men of science who...

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The Girls from Ames

Author: Jeffrey Zaslow

Review by: Rhonda Blom, Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library

For the author to Interview ten women friends regarding a 40-year friendship was an unique idea for a book, so I was curious to read it. Staying in touch for that length of time must have been very difficult for the group; especially since they lived in different states. This is a good story of having lots of fun, being...

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The Good Girl

Author: Mary Kubica

Review by: Audreyperry, Algoma Public Library

This was a good book, but took awhile for me to get into the meat of the story. Had a great twist at the end.

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Author: Pearl Buck

Review by: Audreyperry, Algoma Public Library

Another very good book by this author. Slow starter, but it finishes strong.

book jacket

The Shoemaker's Daughter

Author: Adriana Trigiani

Review by: Audreyperry, Algoma Public Library

Ever since being exposed to this author in book club, she's become a favorite and I wasn't disappointed with this book.

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Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Author: Laura Hillenbrand

Review by: karron, Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library

Audiobooks are great for road trips! Seabiscuit was an amazing horse. This book showed the love the main characters had for this phenomenal horse. It must have been quite a time to live, to see Seabiscuit race.

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White Fire

Author: Douglas Preston

Review by: Penny, Shawano City-County Library

FBI Agent Aloysius Pendergast is back in another thrilller from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  Pendergast is back to being eccentric, odd, brilliant, still doesn't like rules, but gets results. Our man in the black suit works his magic to find answers to an number of questions. His actions and thoughts take on Sherlock...

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The Signature of All Things

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Review by: bpolite46, Peshtigo Branch Public Library

I give this one 4 stars!   This is historical fiction following a family of Botonists begining with trade in medicinal herbs.  This business was quite lucerative and the successful not only located the valuable herbs, but then determined how the valuable plants might be grown in a more convienient...