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Welcome to Youth Services! We are passionate about literacy, connecting kids with great books, encouraging reading for pleasure, and developing curious minds. If you need assistance, please contact the library and ask for Ms. Ann.

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Parents, did you know that, according to research, reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child for reading and learning?  Make it a goal to read at least fifteen minutes every day to your preschooler. We have lots of great books for you at the library to help you meet your goals and to create lasting memories of stories lovingly shared together.

Check out the latest reviews from the Books to Hoot About! blog on InfoSoup.

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Title: How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth

Author: Michelle Robinson

Review by: Elizabeth, (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

The absurdness of  bathing a wooly mammoth makes this a very funny book! The child attempts steps one to ten, very fun!

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Title: Snowy, Blowy Winter

Author: Bob Raczka

Review by: Elizabeth, (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

This book has beautiful pictures of the activities of winter, inside and outside. Toward the end is a cute reference to the groundhog and the joy felt with the news that there is still six more weeks of winter!

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Title: Winter is the Warmest Season

Author: Lauren Stringer

Review by: Elizabeth, (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

This book was such a great find! It celebrates the little joys of winter and incorporates a few fun comparisons to summer.