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This site has been created by the Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library as part of the Centennial celebration of the Village of Kimberly, Wisconsin during the year 2010. The photographs included on the site are a part of the Library's history collection. We have very little information about the photos, who took them, and what is pictured in them, so our hope is that people familiar with the subjects of the photos will post comments to help fill out the stories of our past. We would also like to post oral histories of Kimberly community members. If you would like to participate in the project by sharing your favorite memory of life in the village, please contact Library Director, Beth Carpenter, at 920-788-7515 or bcarpent [at] mail.owls.lib.wi.us. Join us in celebrating the Centennial of the Village of Kimberly by sharing your stories, memories, and recollections!


Hello - I was amazed to come

Hello - I was amazed to come across your website. Yesterday I was going through some files and found some old family info which made me do a few google searches. I came across the "History of Brown County" and a section on my great grandfather, Jacob Busch, in Green Bay, who was born in 1857. In the article, it said that his parents, my great great grandparents were Herman J. and Theodora (Coener) Busch. It said that Theodora was the daughter of John G. Coener, "who came to America as a member of a colony from Germany to LITTLE CHUTE at an early date. Jacob Busch was married to Mary Van De Zande who was born in Humboldt townshhip. Have you ever heard of any of these people? Gratefully, Sherry McMahon

We don't have anything in our

We don't have anything in our historical photo collection for the names you supplied, but I hope you found the other Busch family members pictured here. If not, please click on "Busch" in the Tag Cloud to the right to see what we have posted thus far. Perhaps other community members watching the blog will offer information about your family if they have heard of them? Best wishes, Beth Carpenter, Director

The Busch family had an "ice

The Busch family had an "ice farm" along what is now Kimberly Avenue just to the east of Sunset Park. There is a photo of the Busch Brothers ice truck in this blog and in the history book. I am not familiar with Herman or Jacob Busch, but it was Matt and Henry. I would suspect that they may have been some sort of relation.

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