Baseball 1930

Baseball 1930

1930 Kimberly Baseball Team

Front row: J. Feldhausen, W. Ladrow, L. Dopry, Arn. Pocan, Charlie Schell

Center row: Butch Thien, Ed Lynch, Geo. C. Lemmers

Back row: Nig. Verbeten, Whitey Berhrent, Dago Lamers

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers

Additional information gathered by local historian, Mary Lamers:

  • Geo C. Lemmers center row is Carl Lemmers/Sandy Huiting's father/grandfather - George C. Lemmers ran the bowling alley in Kimberly.
  • Whitey Berhrent owned "Whitey's Bar" on Main Street across/down from the bowling alley. It's an apartment building now (2013).
  • Charlie Schell center row, far right, owned the bowling alley in Kaukauna.
  • Dago Lamers, back row right owned the Hardware store in Little Chute.
  • Another interesting tidbit - [Mary] asked Carl the real names of Nig Verbeten, Whitey Berhrent and Dago Lamers. He didn't know - every one in town and their family called them by their nickname. The history behind this - So many Catholic families had big families and kept naming next generation after past generation. So, many times nicknames became the "real" name". [Mary] had a brother Tom, Tooty. He got his nickname because [Mary's] Uncle Tom also lived with them. Tom was 8, Tooty, a newborn when [Mary's] parents took in her mother's younger brothers and sister because both parents had died. Tom was "Tooty" until he went off to college.


Anyone know if this was a

Anyone know if this was a high school team, professional team, or a rec team?

I am not positively certain

I am not positively certain if that was a professional baseball team. Kimberly has and is a very active sports community and the Kimberly Mill had sponsored many teams in several sports throughout the years until the KRA was formed. I would suspect that this is one of those recreational teams from that period. Jason Weber author - Kimberly:A Village with a Future

Thanks for the info

Thanks for the info

For those who may not know,

For those who may not know, Arnold "Rowdy" Pocan was also a well-known professional wrestler in Wisconsin during the '30s and '40s. Later I believe he was a golfer. Baseball, wrestling, and golf - obviously a very talented man athletically.

Arnold Pocan aside from being

Arnold Pocan aside from being a wrestler. officiate the first derby wrestling match at South Side Armory; Sept of 1944 I think. He was a good wrestler until he decided to step in the bucket and play ball.

My name is Mike Schell. My

My name is Mike Schell. My Father is Charlie Schell. Note Schell is the proper spelling. My Dad told me that they would pass the hat. I had also heard that the team had affiliation with the Chicago Cubs. I would lie to learn more about it.

Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the correct spelling of your father's name! Corrections made. We'll check our local history info to see if we can find out anything more about the affiliation with the Cubs!

Whitey Berhrent's real name

Whitey Berhrent's real name is Elmer

Whitie Behrendt was my

Whitie Behrendt was my Grandfather and his real name was Elmer William Behrendt. He always went by Whitie his whole life because of his white hair. I read in a old copy of the Post Crescent that he ran for Village President once and he lost the election because they made him run under his real name and he lost because nobody in Kimberly new him by any name except Whitie!

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