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Busch Bros. Ice Truck

Matt and Henry Busch's ice truck. Pictured is Ann Flynn, an aunt of Robert Busch.

ca. late 1920s

Matt and Hank Busch
ca. 1920 ca. 1920

Kemps-Wisman Store

Main Street, Kimberly, WI

ca. late 1920s

Kimberly Clark Main Office

Kimberly Clark's office on north Main Street, Kimberly, WI
ca. 1920s

Holy Name Students

Holy Name School, 7th and 8th grade
April 2, 1917

From the collection of Bertha Graen Weyenberg

Feast of Corpus Christi

Holy Name Church ca. 1920s

Kimberly Baseball

ca. early 1950s

Left to right: George Judkins, George Vander Zanden, Frank Van Boekel

Village Basketball Team

Village of Kimberly Basketball Team
ca. 1952

Back row: Jack Courchane,  Red Williams,  Carl Vanden Boom,  Jim ?, Joe Vanden Heuvel

Front row: Bueh Larson, Cliff Van Evenhoeven, ? , Fras Frassetto, Frank Vanden Boekel

Goat Cart

Information on the back of this photo: by the goat: George Busch by the cart: back - John Busch, Chris DeLeeuw, front - Joe DeLeeuw, John DeLeeuw Does anyone know when this photo might have been taken? There was no date included on the photo.

The old Holy Name convent was moved in March of 1959. They couldn't go down Kimberly Avenue, because there were too many big trees to cut down, so they had to move over frozen ground. They cut across the west church parking field (which is now blacktop parking). You enter the lot from the back into lot owned by George Langenhuizen on Maes Avenue. The building now houses 3 apartments. The moving contractor was Berg and Hen Movers.

Moving Old Convent Moving Old Convent Moving Old Convent Moving Old Convent Moving Old Convent

ca. 1959

Photos courtesy of Ila Mae Langenhuizen