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Kimberly Pulp and Paper Mill


circa 1914?

Baseball Champs

1911 Kimberly Baseball Champs

Village Band

The Village Band
Taken at 126 S. John Street, Kimberly, WI
ca. 1915

Aug., Ray, Wm. Mauthe & Otto
Frank & Charles Kobs
Ed Krueger
Frank Schiltz
Howard Lynch
Fred & John Scheppler
John Groan

John Street

John Street, Kimberly, WI.

ca. 1910

Geenen Greenhouse

Geenen Greenhouse, Kimberly, WI.

ca. 1910

Main Street

Main Street, Kimberly, WI.

ca. 1910

Catherine Busch

Catherine Jansen Busch Old Van Rooy Farm, Kimberly, WI ca. 1910


John and Catherine (Jansen) Busch Kimberly, WI ca. 1910

Stutzman and Ertl

Josephine Gunchevich Cavil Stutzman and Rose Gunchevich Ertl
ca. 1903

Wm. Geenen

Wm. J. Geenen
ca. 1903