Busch Bros. Ice Truck

Busch Bros. Ice Truck

Matt and Henry Busch's ice truck. Pictured is Ann Flynn, an aunt of Robert Busch.
ca. late 1920s


This is my grandmother...Ann

This is my grandmother...Ann (Busch) Flynn...and she was also the first licensed female driver in the state of wisconsin. Her father (John Busch married to Cartherine Jansen from little chute) owned sunset point and most of "the plats"...and he started Busch's dairy...which later became Lamer's Dairy. Matt Busch was a partner with my grandfather William P. Flynn...then of 713 Draper St. in Kaukauna, WI. One of their holdings, was the point of land containing the historical marker, by "paradise"across from the little chute Van Vreede's store...and the other in Kaukauna, was where the old St Paul's Home used to be...on wisconsin avenue. My great Grandmother Busch...lived at the corner of John st. and Kimberly Avenue (kitty corner from Bekx...and which used to be Doc Curtain's house). Great aunt Mini (Busch) Weyenberg (gramma's sybling) ran the custard stand where the Larson Dental clinic was...and across the street was DeLeeuw's Wooden Shoe Bar (owned by Driese and Gert [Busch] DeLeeuw...another of my grandmother's syblings) to the right...and the old post office was next to the athletic field...by the water tower. Right next to the wooden shoe...to the east...was where the Deleeuw's lived. Across from the wooden shoe, was Better's Brothers Phillip's 66 service station...and across the street between birch street and 317 east kimberly avenue...was the old Savings and Loan (later moved to where Paul Driessen's wood shop is)...while behind it to the south...was Verbaetens gtocery store. From birch street west...you had the Savings and Loan...the Custard stand...Van Hout Welding...Van Vreede Plumbing...and on the corner...where the parking lot is...was a standard service station. I can remember it all quite well.

Wonderful info! Thanks so

Wonderful info! Thanks so much for sharing your memories with us.

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