K.R.A. 1952 Basketball Team

KRA 1952 BB Team

Kimberly, WI K.R.A. 1952 Basketball Team

Top row, left to right:
Dick Verbeten, Nig Van Dyke, Roy Vanden Heuvel, Jim Vandehey, Bill Goffard, Coach George Vander Zanden.

Bottom row:
Alan Dietzler, Pete Valentine, Lyle Hark, Wayne Kilsdonk, Butter Vander Wyst.

Photo courtesy of Theresa Vanden Heuve


The KRA basketball teams were

The KRA basketball teams were so good, that when the harlem globetrotters showed up...they asked if they wanted the show...or a serious game...it was a serious game...and the kimberly KRA prevailed. My late grandfather Raymond Larson, wrote the article about it, in the Kimberly Clark news paper.

Do you know the date of the

Do you know the date of the article? We'd love to try to track down a copy!

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