New Books @ the Library

Hopefully, you've noticed the New Materials section of the library's homepage. Here's an example of what this week's section looks like:

New Materials with book covers

Because so many books are checked out as soon as they hit the shelves, this is a great place to check up on what's new to the library even though they might not be on the new book shelf when you come in. Clicking on a book cover for any of the categories will take you to a list of recently added materials where you can then check InfoSoup for availability and place a hold.

But these aren't the only 4 categories available for you to explore! Click on the New Materials page link and, in addition to the categories above, you'll find new biographies, large print, kids fiction & kids nonfiction. The new materials lists are a wonderful way to explore the library. If you have ideas for additional categories, please post a comment and we'll see what we can do!

How Fiction Can Change Reality

Friend and stellar librarian, Elizabeth Timmins, from the Muehl Public Library in Seymour recently shared a link with me of a video on TEDEd that I loved and want to share here with you. The brief video, How Fiction Can Change Reality, asks you to consider how fictional experiences might change your perspective on everyday life. Reading can be an escape from real life and can lead us into other worlds we could have never dreamed of, but reading also captures our thoughts and dreams in a way that can change how we feel about current events and issues.

Watch the video and consider the question it poses. Has reading a work of fiction changed your perspective on a situation in your life?