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There are often many questions about using devices with young children, and the general consensus among researchers and child development professionals is to limit screen time with toddlers and focus on interaction and engagement. For more information about the pros and cons of screen time, please read this recent article from the New York Times.

One of the comments on the article came from school librarian and first grade teacher Patty T., and her quote makes good food for thought:

"Early literacy or the pre-literate audience needs the physicality of a book. A tablet just can't do that. The physical book offers the young child an opportunity to sit on it, crawl over it, interact with it, drag it around, reread the pages that are thoughtful to the child or that confuse the child - the physical book allows the child to linger and start the foundation of comprehension and questioning." 

Human interaction and engagement is a big key to learning. If you do use apps, be sure to be there to engage with your child. Remember that you are your child's first and best teacher. Of course, please visit us to find lots of great books to share with your child, and read, read, read! You can also find many e-books for all ages through InfoSoup.