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2020 Fox Cities Book Festival: Keeping Your Scenes Afloat With the Five Fun Floaties of Scene Structure by R.R. Campbell

Sunday, October 18, 2020 - 3:00pm

Part of the 2020 Fox Cities Book Festival!

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Sensing some sink on the page? Is a lack of direction threatening to tear your characters asunder? Then batten down the hatches; you might have a case of scene sink!

In this seminar, writers will learn how to keep their scenes above water through the use of goal-oriented storytelling. After collecting all five of the fun floaties of scene structure, attendees will be more ready than ever to send their manuscripts sailing to greatness!

This session's host has used the five fun floaties of scene structure to buoy his novels to publication. In fact, since adopting this system, every manuscript he's written that's made use of these floaties has been offered a contract. His success could be your success—but only if you attend this session!