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2020 Fox Cities Book Festival: Letting Go: An Author’s Story

Sunday, October 18, 2020 - 6:00pm

Part of the 2020 Fox Cities Book Festival!

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Learn how Christopher “Tuffer” Kunz dedicated himself to writing and publishing his fiction. In 2012, Tuffer made the life-changing decision to devote himself to writing. One year later, he had a full manuscript for his first novel, DOING TIME, and four years later had two more nearly complete novels. Yet like many writers, he struggled to find an agent and a publisher. In January of this year, when it became clear that the colon cancer he was diagnosed with in 2019 would soon take his life, he decided to publish his books on Amazon. For the next five months, he devoted himself to completing that task. During this session, you’ll hear about Tuffer’s imaginative novels and about his writing, review, editing, and publishing process from people who worked closely with him. You’ll also hear recordings of him discussing his books and reading from DOING TIME. You may also gain inspiration and insight into fulfilling your own writing dreams.