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Diamond Jubilee Pose

A costumed pose for the Kimberly Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1985.

Seated: Chuck Rundquist, President

Left to Right: Becker Lenz, ? , Loren and Lori Sendik, Lea Rundquist, ? , Marie Lenz

Photo courtesy of Chuck & Lea Rundquist


A copy of the official Proclamation for the Kimberly Diamond Jubilee Celebration dated February 7, 1985.

Courtesy of Chuck & Lea Rundquist


Parade, Kimberly, WI

There was no information included with this photograph in our collection. Anyone know what the date might have been? 

Boy Scout Camporee Boy Scout Camporee

Boy Scout Camporee

Summer 1948

Kimberly, Wisconsin

from Joe Frye, Kimberly, WI

Village Band

The Village Band
Taken at 126 S. John Street, Kimberly, WI
ca. 1915

Aug., Ray, Wm. Mauthe & Otto
Frank & Charles Kobs
Ed Krueger
Frank Schiltz
Howard Lynch
Fred & John Scheppler
John Groan