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Picture of Dog and Reader

Pooches+Readers=Great Team

The library is happy to be partnering with Compassionate Canines, Inc. again this school year to provide a wonderful and fun program for kids in grades 1-5 to read to therapy dogs. The idea behind the program is to help readers gain confidence. According to Compassionate Canines, a therapy dog can help "increase a child's motivation to read, help the child maintain his/her focus for a longer period of time, and help the child stay on task despite errors. The presence of a therapy dog helps a child read aloud without pressure or stress. The dog offers quiet social support and invites interaction. And best of all, a therapy dog helps to reduce a child's blood pressure and general level of anxiety. Reading aloud is fun!"

The program takes place during the school year on the third Saturday of the month in Little Chute with the exception of December and May. Registration is open for September 16, and you may sign up for more than one month at a time. Please stop in or call the library at 920-788-7825 to register your first-fifth grader for a 15-minute reading slot. Your reader will think it is pawsome!